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Weight loss, weight gain, building lean muscle mass, increasing fitness, lifestyle change, preparing for an upcoming event, bodybuilding competitions whatever the goal we have a trainer that will help you on your journey to achieving desired results. At Aventus we want our trainers experienced, passionate and results driven. Our strict criteria allows us to house some of the best trainers in the Illawarra.



Dan Murphy - Aventus Owner 


Dan is the creator of the Eat Like This Healthy Lifestyle Program. Having 10+ years industry experience he now specialises purely on weight management focusing on clients who are wanting to lose weight and get fit through positive lifestyle changes. 

Time and time again people are getting trapped in fad diets and the confusion of what they need to do to shed some unwanted kgs, improve their eating habits or simply get fitter. With the program Dan has made it SUPER easy to follow taking away unwanted stress that can be linked to fitness. 


When not focused on growing the Aventus brand, Dans main objective is to help bring down the % of overweight Australians through healthy eating and moving more. 

So if your looking to improve your lifestyle and transform your mind and body try Eat Like This.


(currently not taking on any clients)




Jamie Burton - Aventus Management/Professional Photographer


With 3 years industry experience Jamie focuses his time getting his clients fit and healthy through a mix of hypertrophy training, circuit training and boxing. Jamie will help you build self confidence and discipline, learn motivation techniques to ensure you stay on track and achieve your fitness goals.


Phone: 0458000881


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Jeremy McLay


Having competed over 15 times in the IFBB Jeremy is a very experienced bodybuilder. He has competed in Bodybuilding, Physique and Classic Physique categories. Jeremy is known for his world of knowledge when it comes to competition prep.


Jeremy offers a unique One-on-one experience with his clients offering an educational and motivational experience, training partner style. He also offers posing and comp prep guidance for those wanting to step on stage.


If your looking for hardcore bodybuilding/hypertrophy style sessions Jeremy is the trainer for you.



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Taryn Laughlin


Hi my name is Taryn Laughlin and I am the owner of HustleHutFitness. I am a certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach. I am very passionate about helping others to achieve their health and fitness goals. I specialise in body transformation from building muscle to fat loss. I want to help you create long term sustainable habits.

After not getting any results for around 18 months I started hating the gym and barely went, and on the verge of quitting I decided that I’ll go on a diet and change my training style. Going on that diet turned into a lifestyle and I have been eating healthy ever since I made that decision just over 2 years ago. Making that decision has turned me into a fitness fanatic.

I have helped a handful of friends and acquaintances change there eating habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Seeing all of them achieve good results made me want to become a Personal Trainer.

I have been training for just under 6 years but I started taking things seriously around 2.5 years ago and have gained some valuable knowledge in all areas of fitness. My niches are fat loss, muscle gain, strength training, mobility training, posture alignment, and knee rehabilitation/strengthening. My programs are tailored to you so you achieve the best results.


Phone: 0451634447

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Opportunity for 2 Elite Personal Trainers

Join Aventus Health - Where Your Training Career Thrives!


Are you a passionate and dedicated personal trainer looking to take your career to the next level? Look no further than Aventus Health!


 Who We Are:

At Aventus Health, we're not just a fitness facility; we're a community of health and wellness enthusiasts committed to making a difference in people's lives. Our large fully equipped facility and supportive team create the perfect environment for personal trainers to shine.


 Why Choose Us:

- Thriving Clientele: Aventus Health boasts a diverse and motivated clientele eager to achieve their fitness goals.

- Diverse Range of Equipment: Access to fitness equipment and resources to enhance your training programs.

- Collaborative Team: Join a team of like-minded professionals who value growth, education, and teamwork.

- Flexible Rental Options: Tailor your training space with rental options that suit your needs and client base.


 Join Our Team:

We're currently seeking passionate personal trainers to join our ranks. If you're enthusiastic about helping clients achieve their fitness aspirations and want to be part of a dynamic team, we want to hear from you!


 Contact Us Today:

Ready to elevate your career with Aventus Health? Don't miss this opportunity! Contact us at [Your Contact Information] to explore how you can become a valued member of our team and learn more about our flexible rental options.


Your fitness journey starts here, at Aventus Health. Join us in making a positive impact, one client at a time!

Chat with us or visit us to discuss the opportunity further.

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