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hat makes Aventus different?

I love this question, we are one of if not the only ACTUAL gym left in the area, yes many other fitness facilities are around but nothing compared to ours. Established in the late 80's this gym has been through it all and if only the weights could talk.

This facility has spent over 30 years creating healthy bodies and I'm happy to be able to continue this history with you all today and create our own.

We house a large variety of equipment many pieces that have been actually made specifically for this facility.

Aventus is unique and the environment, history and respect can't be replicated and is why we are comfortable being in our own lane.

We don't need to watch what everyone else is doing because it's completely irrelevant to what we have and are about.

When you visit the facility the vibe is just.. different, its motivating. Your surrounded by not only iron and metal but also our members are of all ages that actually want to be here to better their lives and lead a healthy life.

We have no pressure when it comes to memberships we want people to want to be here this allows us to have a great retention rate, the people you see here want to be here.

We don't judge, we aren't bias, we don't favour, we don't like bullying of any kind. Everyone here in this community not only train hard but have fun doing so, we respect each other. We all become friends very quickly and this is something I love about Aventus. Strangers become friends, it's a good feeling to be able to create an environment for personal development and growing your network of friends.

Aventus is great, we may not be the flashiest but I am proud of what we have and I guarantee if your ready to be the hardest worker in the room this is the facility for you.

Come in and have a free session

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