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Updated: Jun 7, 2020

While gyms have been closed due to COVID 19 it hasn't stopped me from improving our facility. Over the past few months I have been in the facility giving it a nice little facelift.

All of our machines are being repainted and upholstered to give a fresh brand new look. We love our old school machines but it doesn't mean we can't treat them to a nice make over.

The walk way has been repainted and will be edged, the reception is getting some love, new storage and also upstairs offices have been tended to also.

I have also changed the decal on the front of the facility to "Hardest workers in the room" because we all just get shit done, we don't have to let the world know we leave our egos at the door and put in work.

I have attached some pics to give you an idea of what to expect.

Not only is the facility improving so is our brand we are in the process of developing our own label, what will make us different is the high quality and the fit. This brand we are building from scratch and will be made in Australia. Currently we are in the process of material choices, these need to be right! AVENTUS WEAR.

I have also been creating our own line of supplements which will be available to purchase soon! I will be stocking WPI, BCAAs and Pre Workout. AVENTUS HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS.

We have the one the best if not the BEST facility in the Illawarra loaded with space, equipment and community which I believe to be a huge component. We stay in our lane and do our own thing after all we are over 30years strong and will only continue to better ourselves.

Can't wait to have you all back into the facility again.

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