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Out with the old in with the.. old??

City Gym became the Mecca of the sporting elite, Olympic champions, Hollywood superstars, music industry legends, world-class bodybuilders – Arnold Schwarzenneger, Tom Platz and Dorian Yates and names from City Gym’s hallowed Wall of Fame – Jane Fonda and Grace Jones, The Rock and Hugh Jackman. 

And yes, there is of course your average Joe, there to unwind and sweat out the day’s stresses after a hard 9-5 grind at the office. This rich tapestry of weird and wonderful personalities and offbeat characters he met continues to contribute to the reputation of City Gym as the fitness industry’s source of dubious (and often hilarious) urban myths and legends.

When I found out that City Gym was upgrading their dumbbells I know I had to jump on the opportunity and rehome them here at Aventus. I know that they needed to continue their journey in an old school facility with its own rich history.

I hope all the Aventus family enjoy the new addition to the facility and appreciate the story behind the dumbbells.

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