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Updated: Dec 18, 2019

This week there will be some more work being carried out within the facility meaning there will be some out of bounds areas temporarily.

All of the carpet will be removed and the concrete floors will be painted. The carpet has been here for quite some time and think it's time for a change, I know you guys would like to see it gone too, plus by removing it means no more wet carpet smell or dropped bcaas.

Please be aware that THURSDAY 19th work will commence around 6pm. The entry will not be accessible, the back door will be the point of entry.

There will be a fair bit of things out of place and for that I apologise obviously wont be as bad as when the whole place was painted but still...

During this time unfortunately the bathrooms will NOT be accessible either. As you can see from the picture below the painting will take place directly outside of the bathrooms.

If you can avoid training at that time or train earlier that would be much better.

So sorry for the inconvenience on the day we paint but everything we do in here is to improve the environment for you all so please bare with us.

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