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We are constantly greeted with, "It's not what I thought it was" from new members or people visiting.

The history here was heavily bodybuilding based to say the least and that came with a heavy reputation, a reputation I have battled for years to move past.

The facility has been here for over 30 years so thought process and change in peoples minds wont happen over night. The only way to change the thoughts is to show the gym I have worked hard to build.

We now house EVERYONE from kids to seniors and everything in between. The community we have is super special and everyone gets to know the staff and each other. It's a fun feel good experience.

The gym is set up to cater for as many fitness groups as possible, from weight lifting, Olympic lifting, CrossFit, Functional Fitness, Cardio based training, Boxing and more.

We have one of the biggest facilities in the Illawarra with one of the biggest varieties of equipment available to you.

Come in and see why more and more are calling Aventus home.

Don't judge a book by it's cover, you may be surprised on how the story folds out.

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