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It's been a loooong time coming but the time has finally come, we will have 8 new additions to the cardio area with 4 Upright Bikes and 4 Cross Trainers.

I want all those that come in to train really enjoy their experience here and be able to focus on their sessions in the most professional and equipped facility in the Illawarra.

We are lucky enough to have one of the biggest facilities in the region with what will be the biggest variety for the community to enjoy.

All things take time and we thank all of our Aventus family for always having our backs. The beauty about Aventus is that we are unique, we don't have any direct competition due to the nature of our facility and long history in the Illawarra. We choose to stay in our lane and focus purely on our members and persist to keep building something special for you and with you all in mind and not losing our old school roots.

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