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When thinking about group fitness classes it can be extremely intimidating, with this in mind we have created a timetable that is suited to all fitness levels and open to everyone. Our objective is to make sure that everyone is included, has proper form, is improving and most of all having fun whilst getting fit.



As part of our group classes we want to help you as much as we can so also offer a completely FREE Eat Like This Healthy Lifestyle Guide Ebook to get your eating habits healthier to assist you in achieving those health and fitness goals. This Ebook includes a progress tracking sheet that we will happily fill out for you should you want to track your progress. Although not compulsory we definitely recommend taking on this FREE service.


So come on in and LET'S GET MOVING. Try our classes yourself or with a friend or even as a family.

*NOTE All Group Fitness Members will sign up via Coach Jamie directly not Aventus

Contact: 0458 000 881

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This class incorporates run periods accompanied with interval training. The main purpose of this class is to increase cardiovascular fitness, lose weight and build lean muscle mass. We all make sure we finish these runs as a team, we encourage encouragement and team work.



These sessions are fun, here we focus on military-style exercises and functional movements like push-ups, squats, sprints, and sit-ups, provide a full body killer workout and a chance to sweat both inside and outside the gym. Kettle bells, tyres, ropes and weighted bags are also on the cards. We get through this one as a team. NO-ONE LEFT BEHIND.

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High Intensity Interval Training is the name of the game for this session. How it works is each team mate will perform an exercise for a time period and will have a shorter period of time for rest or to transition into the next station. This class has three 15minute workouts to get through. 



Punch Fit is a combination of both boxing and fitness drills. Team up with a friend or make new ones, this session is all about learning basic boxing techniques, increasing cardiovascular fitness and having fun.  

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In this class we lift. We will be focusing strength and conditioning targeting your full body. We will be ensuring everyone has correct technique and gets through each set. This is a great introductory class to lifting weights. Ladies don't be scared of this class it is just as important for a woman to lift than it is a man and no don't worry these sessions wont make look like a bodybuilder.


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